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If your office lease is expiring or your office space needs are changing, TRS can help as your commercial real estate broker. Involving a knowledgeable and experienced commercial broker, known as a “Tenant Rep”, to represent your interest early in the process is an important first step that will likely save your firm time and money along the way, and, it’s all at no cost to you as Landlords in Manhattan typically pay the brokerage commissions as part of the transaction.

TRS provides commercial brokerage services that lead to advantageous real estate solutions for our clients’ office space needs. Working efficiently, persistently and with comprehensive market knowledge and experience, TRS provides the professional advice, critical information, and tools necessary to make informed decisions. Beginning with a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements, business and objectives, TRS customizes tenant representation services through qualitative and quantitative analysis. Whether it’s office leasing, lease evaluation, relocation, expansion or sublease, clients receive personalized, senior level services from TRS. TRS assists with market analysis, strategic planning, site selection, proposal solicitation, and financial analysis and negotiations all with the goal of assuring clients achieve the most beneficial terms and space solutions.


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