Oct 27, 2017

Tudor Realty Services Corp. manages more than 90 Residential Cooperative and Condominium buildings throughout NYC.  A lot has changed since TRS was founded in 1990.  With frequent changes, updates and modifications to NYC laws, regulations and building codes, years ago, we recognized that it was necessary to establish a department, known as the TRS Compliance Department, which specializes and is solely focused on compliance issues that arise in the buildings that we manage.

So what issues keep our Compliance Department busy these days?

Just a few examples of recent changes in code, regulations and/or law include changes to energy benchmarking requirements, energy audit requirements, changes to the NYC DOB’s Façade Inspection Safety Program, changes in law with respect to heating oil, elevator inspection requirements, laws regarding smoking, and building signage, and new overnight temperature standards for heating rules, just to name a few.

Staying on top of all these changes and requirements and taking a proactive approach is just part of what our Compliance Team does, not just to ensure compliance and maintain safety in our buildings and for our residents, but because failing to properly address these issues can lead to expensive fines and violations.

Through active use of technology tools that are available to us, our team takes a proactive approach to monitoring compliance related issues and has the experience and expertise to handle issues as they arise.   What seem to be constantly changing regulations certainly keep our Compliance Team busy and we are fortunate that they are on the case!

As always, thanks for reading!   TRS is celebrating our 27th Anniversary this year.  We have a lot of experience in dealing with issues like this and advising co-op and condominium boards and other building owners throughout NYC.

Have a specific compliance related issue you would like to discuss?  Give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss our experience and approach.

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