Technology Services

From its beginning, TRS has been committed to being at the forefront of the use of technology in the field of real estate. Our goal is to create, customize and use cutting edge technology/management information systems to provide the most sophisticated financial reporting and convenient, accessible communications capabilities to TRS clients and their building residents. is the proprietary, online service of Tudor Realty Services Corp. Using TudorConnect conveniently from this website, clients can access:

  • Documents and forms including resale, sublet, alteration and refinance applications, which are immediately available for download and use. (Login required).
  • Important financial information, such as audited financial statements, tax deduction letters, and other information, for participating buildings, is available for download. (Login required.)
  • Client buildings' current financial information, with details of income, expenses and collections, which can only be accessed by authorized members of participating clients' Boards of Directors. (Login required.)
  • Contact information for management and staff personnel for client buildings, for the use of all residents. In many residential buildings, residents can directly contact their superintendents through our own email system. (Login required.)
  • Building newsletters of clients who choose to post on TudorConnect. (Login required.)
  • ACH automatic payment of monthly and other charges
  • Centralized email lists for clients, board members, and residents
  • Email availability of monthly charge statements

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