TRS Teamwork/Owner Managed

There are many value-added benefits in choosing TRS to manage a residential building. Over 20 years experience. Consistent growth. Long-term client relationships. Industry leadership including being among the top- ranked property management firms in New York City. Experience with buildings with as few as 21 and as many as 799 units.

Among those many benefits is the TRS teamwork management method which is unique to the industry. TRS assigns a highly qualified, experienced professional to each building as primary contact. Additionally, a full team of professionals who specialize in key areas provide their expertise to each building.

This multi-specialist approach has proven to be a strategic management tool that generates quick response to deal with issues and answer questions while also serving to increase operational and financial efficiency.

TRS also has a history of consistency and stability with regard to ownership. Founded over 20 years ago, the company’s founders, Anthony Colella, Howard Lazarus and Mary Frances Shaughnessy, continue to be actively involved on a day-to-day basis.

Accessible to both clients and staff, each principal brings decades of knowledge and experience in the full spectrum of third-party residential property management, from government and community relations and day-to-day operations to major capital improvements, technology and legalities.

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