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Ronald Webster
          Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

                     Tudor Realty Services Corp.

                     Licensed Real Estate Broker

                     250 Park Avenue South, 4th Floor

                     New York, New York 10003


Office              212-813-3071

Cellular          646-596-4420




Mr. Webster joined the Sales & Rentals division of Tudor Realty Service Corp. in October 2009.  Prior to joining TRS, Mr. Webster was a designer and Vice President of Merchandising for a major importer of home furnishings and collectibles.  Mr. Webster was also a television host on QVC and the Home Shopping Network (HSN) for over 26 years for shows featuring his designs.  At the same time, he had a home furnishing store, Christopher’s on Columbus, for 5 years.  Christopher’s had a high-end and star studded clientele. 

Mr. Webster has lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for most of his life.  He lived in a West 79th Street cooperative for 38 years and was President of the Board for over 35 years.  In addition, he is a past president of the Board at 45 Tudor City Place. 

Mr. Webster’s more than 35 years of experience serving on co-op Boards has given him an insider’s view of the real estate market and the experience to know the right way to handle a real estate transaction.  Coupling his past experience with market knowledge and expertise, he possesses the skills necessary to provide professional real estate advice for many types of transactions.

Since joining TRS, Mr. Webster has successfully completed numerous sales and rental transactions throughout Manhattan.  Mr. Webster is known for his hands-on, personalized service and attention.

Selection of Closed Transactions:

12 West 72nd Street, Apartment 6J, NY, NY                          SOLD

350 East 77th Street, Apartment 5G, NY, NY                        SOLD

522 West End Avenue, Apartment 1B, NY, NY                     SOLD

325 East 41st Street, Apartment 110, NY, NY                        SOLD

15 West 104th Street, Apartment 1B, NY, NY                        SOLD

135 East 74th Street, Apartment 9C, NY, NY                         SOLD

5 Tudor City Place, Apartment 730, NY, NY                         SOLD

123 West 93rd Street, Apartment 4F, NY, NY                         SOLD

5 Tudor City Place, Apartment 919, NY, NY                           RENTED

304 East 41st Street, Apartment 1401A, NY, NY                   RENTED

357 East 57th Street, Apartment 7F, NY, NY                         RENTED

300 West 110th Street, Apartment 3J, NY, NY                      RENTED

220 East 87th Street, Apartment 5D, NY, NY                         RENTED

330 East 83rd Street, Apartment 4C, NY, NY                         RENTED

3 Sheridan Square, Apartment 4M, NY, NY                           RENTED


“My experience working with Ronald Webster at Tudor Realty has been nothing short of fantastic. Ron and his associates provide top notch service form professional communication, due diligence and educating the client throughout the entire process. I highly recommend anyone seeking broker representation to consider Ron Webster because he gets the job done with the right price in mind”


“I suspect it is uncommon for the buyer to praise the seller’s broker, but you are the exception. Without your skill, both as a broker and as a diplomat, everyone would have walked away early on. If anyone is serious about buying or selling, and just getting the job deal done, they would be well advised to use your good services”


“There was an additional advantage of dealing with a Tudor Broker (as our building is managed by Tudor Realty). I cannot overstate how the facilitation of paperwork, replacement of lost documents and expediting the board package and interview helped things move smoothly through closing. It is our pleasure to recommend you to anyone wanting to sell an apartment in New York”


“I hereby wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Mr. Ronald Webster for his excellent performance in selling my apartment unit in Manhattan. His efforts were so successful that about 20 different people asked for an appointment for the first day of visit. By the end of that day, several offers were on the table and Ron negotiated very aptly with the different bidders to eventually reach a solid offer that was above the target price point. Ron kept a perfect balance between the selling and buying parities. As a consequence the closing of the deal occurred rapidly and seamlessly.”




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