Financial Reporting & Controls

Efficient building management requires current, in-depth, accurate and immediately accessible financial information. TRS excels with regard to financial reporting and controls.

Financial information reports are provided to each TRS-managed building on a monthly basis using proprietary accounting software that has been customized to fulfill all requirements of both TRS and its clients. This always accurate information is also always immediately available, empowering TRS clients to make informed financial decisions.

The TRS system is online within the TRS office and over a secure virtual private network (VPN) to our site offices and accessible, via TudorConnect, to authorized clients. This assures critical information is available to the required parties at all times.

Depending on client request, we provide hard copy, PDF and/or electronic reports. Up-to-date reports are always available electronically in a secure, password-protected area of

A strictly enforced code of ethics serves to secure our reputation, as well as provide clients with a sense of confidence and security. The firm’s principals and senior executives closely monitor activities of agents and support personnel.

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